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Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Ideas For Family Fun

In the previous article Family Fun Time At The Library I showed you 5 ways to use your local library to find ideas for fun family activities. In this article I'm going to expand beyond the library to help you come up with even more ideas for fun family-friendly activities.

1. The Internet.
The Information Super Highway is a treasure trove of information on anything and everything. You can use it to look for places you'd like to visit or for hobbies or activities that your family would like to pursue, for example stamp collecting or hang gliding.

2. Bookstores.
Bookstores are also a wealth of ideas and information. It's best to focus on the travel books and the regional publications. Buy 2 or 3 books that appeal to you. Consider them an investment in your family's future. Not only will these books give you great ideas, they will also provide you with the background/historical information on the places that you visit. This adds a richness and a depth to the visit and makes for a more culturally enriching and educational experience.

An added benefit is that your child will learn the value of books and some research skills through your example. These are gifts that will last a lifetime.

3. Local Magazines Newspapers.
Local publications are another great source of information on things to do and places to see right in your area. Weekend papers, usually the Sunday paper, have a magazine that lists all the local activities that are happening that week. The travel section of the newspaper has information about events in your city - everything from chess club to dog shows and garage sales.

4. Yellow Pages
Look under "Travel Agent" or "Travel and Tours" for people who are willing and able to help no matter what your needs are. Simply pick up the phone and you may just discover a whole new world to explore right in your home town.

5. And last, but not least, ask family and friends for recommendations. It's best to choose people who have kids in similar age groups and with similar interests as your family. Those who stay home each week and watch TV are not likely to have many good ideas.

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