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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creating Time For Your Family In A Hectic World

Creating Time For Your Family In A Hectic World.

Happy, healthy families don't just happen. It takes time and effort to create and maintain a good, solid, healthy family.
 Just because individuals live together under one roof doesn't mean that they are a well-functioning family unit.

So often we let the urgent crowd out the important. The doorbell, the phone and chores get our attention and the truly important gets forgotten.

Here are 3 suggestions for re-connecting with your loved ones.

1. Give your children the gift of your presence instead of presents. You are far more important to your child than expensive vacations, designer label clothing or the latest Wii game. Give them the gift of your time, rather than attempt to fill the gap in their hearts (created by your absence) with material things.

2. When you plan your daily routine, remember that most of the 'action' in families takes place during the following times:
* Breakfast
* Dropping and picking kids up from school
* After school
* Dinner time
* Bedtime
Leave these times free of other chores and obligations so that you can focus completely on your children's needs for time and attention.

3. If you work outside the home, speak to your boss about allowing you to leave in the event of an emergency with your child.

Your children and spouse need you. Carefully re-consider if the extra material goods you acquire from working is worth what you have to give up in order to get it.

I've never heard of a person on their deathbed who wished that they had spent more time at the office. Have you?

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